Well, there were a number of surprises along the way as I wrote my story, Left. In fact, although the story centers around Phia, her friend Sabi has become a new inspiration for a new story line. Her character has been a lot of fun developing and I certainly think she deserves her own piece of the pie.

Sabi’s life is percolating in the background as I finalize my current projects. I’ll keep you in the loop as it evolves further. 🙂

Paper. That’s what the view is from here. The good news is that the pile is getting smaller each day, so the books are coming soon. My novella, Left, and two Kindle Short Reads; Awake and Just Call Me Spy, will be available for purchase, on Amazon, this fall.

Also, I’m thrilled with the twists and turns my story, Left, has taken. Wait until you meet Sabi. 🙂

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Enjoy your fall!


To be released very soon:


Sarah has finally reached a place of contentedness in her life. No, it may not be what other’s think she should be doing, but it is working for her, at least for now.

Will a surprise visit by her old colleague threaten to change the life that she has built up around her, or will he retreat back into the far corners of the world as he usually does?

This Amazon Short Read will take you on a fast pace journey through blueberry fields, secret rooms and ultimately the final discovery that will unlock the key to Sarah’s heart.

Sadly, some times the legal thing to do, isn’t the moral thing to do.

Good day!

Things are coming together here in my writing studio. In fact, it looks like both the sequel and flash fiction story should be out within a week or two of one another. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Warm wishes for the holiday season. All the best for a happy 2016. 🙂

Life is very busy and the Christmas rush doesn’t help the endless to-do list. When leisure time calls, I have been opening Antony Millen’s latest novel, The Chain, and stepping into his protagonists’ story.

His words have taken me all around the globe on every adventure as the characters seek answers to their father’s controversial past. I enjoy the young fellows that he writes about, but as a woman, I wish to relate to female characters as well. He delivers.

Enter Julia and Avis. The first, a gun slinging alpha female (who’s a good shot), and the other, a northern woman who holds the clues for the boys’ next adventure. Both women are connected by the boys’ father. I’ll share more once I complete this excellent piece of work. Until then…

The story is taking me to India. I’ll be in touch when I return.

If you’re interested in his novel here’s the link: