From Cynthia to You

The Writer’s Cave

I love working in my office, perhaps because it's a south facing, cozy and inviting space. Except for traveling to writing locations, this is where everything takes place. The desk was handmade by a local man in Fredericton, and the antique chair to the right is over 100-years old and made in Nova Scotia. I [...]

This fall has been beyond busy. As a result, I realized I missed my website's two-year anniversary mark. (Gasp!) I know! I felt the same way missing a day to celebrate such an accomplishment. Ahem, a moment of reflection. I have had a great time developing my writing over the last four years -- despite [...]

What’s new?

Lots, 🙂 but here are a few tidbits for this post. I am in the home stretch for finishing up my novel, The Keeper.  As with all my novels, I have learned so much during the research phase for the topics covered in the book. Some were fascinating, some were eye-opening, plus, the story took [...]

Two Xmas Favorites

Was your holiday an enjoyable one? I hope so. Our Christmas morning was filled with surprises and good cheer- and I felt like a spoiled kid. 🙂 Here are two gifts that I adore; a Scentsy Burner that is absolutely gorgeous- from my son and daughter-in-law, and a novel- from my sister, by author Nadia [...]