November’s Book of the Month

It’s been a hectic month, but I had to share a novel, by Heidi Eljarbø, that I’ve been reading. Trailing the Hunter is a compelling read from the very first page. Some of her scenes are still etched in my mind because of her beautiful scene descriptions and intriguing character development. Definitely, one to check out.

Isn’t the cover stunning. The story is even better!

Here’s her book link:


September’s Book of the Month

I recently read Georgia Tingley’s latest novel, Having Faith. A story about love — with attached taboo’s, that makes the main character, Faith, doubt her love interest’s role in her life.

It’s a story with interesting characters that also touches on friendship, loss, and starting over.

Having Faith was a novel that I stayed up late into the night reading, as I enjoyed the story and I couldn’t wait to see what Faith decided towards the end of the read.

As usual, Tingley has written another page-turning romance, which makes it my September read. 🙂


August’s Book of the Month

A Spy Named Orphan is a book I’m reading for research, but it’s such an interesting story it was worth making it August’s Book of the Month.

The story is about one of the famous Cambridge Five spies who were accused of being double agents for Russia and England.

MacLean had it all, intelligence; good looks, a loving family, respect, and on the outside, it looked like he was altogether. But he wasn’t.

He was a conflicted sort, troubled by current ideologies of the day, and as a result, he turns his back on his own country to support a different ideology that more closely matched his own. He soon unravelled from the pressure of leading a double life.

MacLean went from being an employee of the month, until his treachery was discovered, to becoming an internationally wanted man. His story is jaw-dropping, chilling, sad, yet fascinating at the same time.

There’s much more to learn about this spy’s story, well worth a read if you enjoy this topic.

June’s Book of the Month

Okay, this is by far the funniest book I have read all year and is my pick of the month.

Amy’s husband just gets up one day and disappears, only to turn up in a local store three years later. She’s not sure to be shocked or to kill him with a pink hula hoop.

If you want a book that will have you laughing out loud, this may be worth a read. Kelly Harms’ writing reminds me a bit like Erma Bombeck—but with her own twist.

Excuse me while I go back to read more of this book.  🙂


May’s Book of the Month


What can I say, Karin Slaughter’s novel, The Good Daughter, is a page-turner. Slaughter takes the gloves off and says it like it is in this adrenaline filled thriller.

The plight of the characters broke my heart, yet left me to read late into the night with its roller-coaster ride right until the very last page.

Excellent, excellent read, and I highly recommend this novel.

Curious? Here’s a free preview below: