Tuesday has started with a wonderful surprise. You see, my novel, Finding Kate, was listed as a novel to read on Frolic. I am ecstatic! Here’s what Frolic’s Donna Saluri had to say about Finding Kate.

by Cynthia MacLean

Finding Kate is the first book in MacLean’s Tangled Road series. Our heroine sets off on a journey to a foreign land to escape the troubles of her life; a life she has decided to move on from, altogether. She’s given herself three months to explore, but what will she do when that time is up, and reality comes crashing back in? This book debuted at the end of June, but I loved the cover and blurb so much, I decided to put it on my radar for July!

Here is the full write-up where you will also see the other recommendations—great books too.

Seasoned Romance On My Radar: July Edition

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