The Box

Adobe Spark (52)

Writers observe their surroundings, and there is a lot to learn.

For me, it’s interesting to watch the boxes that people place themselves into; and more interestingly, the stories they tell themselves to stay neatly and securely tucked inside their life’s containers.

They operate out of this box with a strict set of rules that they, along with their list of supporters, follow to the letter – and a lot of this is learned from the day they are born, and then built upon to become firmly ingrained in their sub-conscience.

But eventually, those same routines, the same rules, the same outcomes, and the same supporters, make a person want to peek through the cracks just to see if there is something more to their existence.

What would happen if they kicked open the flap of their windowless space – and took a chance on themselves? You see, that’s where the joy of being alive begins; it’s breaking old habits and not allowing others to padlock us into the box they think we belong.

It’s saying “what-if” to life’s possibilities – then exploring options that help with personal growth – but it also recognizes that once we leave that mundane set of rituals that we have become accustomed to, we will never be able to step back into those old scripts again. Because, we have shed the cocoon and we are now in a period of transition – and will forever be different.

And that is what scares a lot of people.

As a population, that is very tribal in nature, the peer pressure to remain within the social clicks/beliefs is both enormous and yet comforting – and at the same time suffocating.

Some people will never question their personal “belief-box”, yet others can’t wait to escape to experience what they are fully capable of becoming in their lives.

It all makes me wonder as I watch those around me, who is trying to shake themselves free from an old script, and who will continue to wilt inside from unmet dreams?

The reality is, is that the person holding the keys to your box is you.

And this my friends, will be the basis of my next novel.


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