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This fall has been beyond busy. As a result, I realized I missed my website’s two-year anniversary mark. (Gasp!) I know! I felt the same way missing a day to celebrate such an accomplishment.

Ahem, a moment of reflection.

I have had a great time developing my writing over the last four years — despite my website being a wee toddler. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to express a warm thank you to my readers who follow me on this site as well as my other pages. I appreciate all of your support.

So, I believe I’ve come up with just the idea. Watch in the next month for an announcement that you all can be a part of.

Until then, I am off to celebrate – it sounds better than saying I’m off to do some domestic diva duties, doesn’t it? 🙂

The life of a writer isn’t always glamorous. In fact, when we aren’t banging our heads against our desks, (sigh) we are doing the dishes.

Stay happy, stay healthy!






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