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Life is very busy and the Christmas rush doesn’t help the endless to-do list. When leisure time calls, I have been opening Antony Millen’s latest novel, The Chain, and stepping into his protagonists’ story.

His words have taken me all around the globe on every adventure as the characters seek answers to their father’s controversial past. I enjoy the young fellows that he writes about, but as a woman, I wish to relate to female characters as well. He delivers.

Enter Julia and Avis. The first, a gun slinging alpha female (who’s a good shot), and the other, a northern woman who holds the clues for the boys’ next adventure. Both women are connected by the boys’ father. I’ll share more once I complete this excellent piece of work. Until then…

The story is taking me to India. I’ll be in touch when I return.

If you’re interested in his novel here’s the link:


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