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Northern Girls is set to release in December 2021!

Sunny skies.
Fresh breezes.
Good friends.

When pen-pals, Elish, Sabi and Ingrid, leave aboard the Wandering Soul, a 36-foot sailboat, everything seems normal on what appears to be the perfect sailing day. Ingrid, an experienced sailor, often sails without notifying anyone of her adventures. Plus, known as a lone wolf, it never surprises anyone to see her sailboat absent from the marina.

However, when a rogue wave capsizes Ingrid’s sailboat, they find themselves floating aimlessly into the eye of an incoming hurricane. Ingrid wishes she had told someone where they were headed. She had only planned for a day sail.

What unfolds terrifies the trio as they are put to the test of survival and friendship.

Whom would you trust when faced with the worst-case scenario?

Find out what happens in this page-turning adventure suspense story.

Website Update: April 2021

Hello All!

April is website updating time! So, if you see multiple categories, pay no mind, it’s just that changes are happening behind the scenes. Please check back as Cynthia will be offering a Members Only Site—with a surprise.

Don’t want to miss the surprise? Great! Sign up for the newsletter on the right hand side of the page. We can’t wait to share what’s coming for members!

Stay tuned.

Ring in the New Year!

December 30, 2020

Wow, the last post for 2020. What a year!  Hopefully, 2021 will be a much better year for everyone.

Stay safe, may health and wellness abound you, and love and prosperity surround you.


2021 Happy New Year Background for your Seasonal Flyers and Gree

A Holiday Season Romance!

What a year!  We hope you find some peace and comfort during these challenging times.

Should you like a little escape, Cynthia has managed to have both Finding Family—the third book in the Twisted Road series, along with a sweet Christmas romance called Miss Manners, ready to read in time for the holidays. Both are available on Amazon and don’t forget that Cynthia’s books are free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

We just love Miss Manners’ cover!



June 4, 2020

Exciting news! The Twisted Road series, a romantic adventure, has a new look.  Aren’t the covers lovely!




Passage to the Heart

January 29, 2020

Cynthia is close to releasing her latest novel, Passage to the Heart. She is so excited for you to meet this new cast of characters.

Miss Grace and Cristof will no doubt warm your heart, as they prove that true love conquers all, despite their involvement in a dangerous family vendetta.

Watch for the book this winter 2020.

The Rested Available Soon!

December 3, 2019

Cynthia is so excited about the upcoming release of her next novel, The Rested. Watch over the next two weeks for some specials!



Finding Us and Finding Kate Special!

Finding Us, Book 2 of the Twisted Road Series, is now available in e-book and paperback form. Here’s an opportunity to own both of these e-books.

This week, Monday, Nov 18 – 22, download Finding Us for free and take advantage of Book 1, Finding Kate, which will be available to borrow on Kindle Unlimited. Simply click the Buy On Amazon below to make it happen. That’s a Double Down Deal!


Finding Us, which is the sequel to Finding Kate, is close to being finished.

In Finding Us, Kate Franklin’s life takes a heartwrenching turn after the shock of a lifetime. Grab your tissues, as Kate must make a decision that will impact every relationship she holds dear.

And it’s going to make her question everything.

Click on the link below to get your free copy of Finding Kate on Kindle Unlimited. You’re not going to want to miss what happens next in Book Two of the Tangled Road series. 

July 23, 2019

Tuesday has started with a wonderful surprise. You see, my novel, Finding Kate, was listed as a novel to read on Frolic. I am ecstatic! Here’s what Frolic’s Donna Saluri had to say about Finding Kate.

by Cynthia MacLean

Finding Kate is the first book in MacLean’s Tangled Road series. Our heroine sets off on a journey to a foreign land to escape the troubles of her life; a life she has decided to move on from, altogether. She’s given herself three months to explore, but what will she do when that time is up, and reality comes crashing back in? This book debuted at the end of June, but I loved the cover and blurb so much, I decided to put it on my radar for July!

Here is the full write-up where you will also see the other recommendations—great books too.

Seasoned Romance On My Radar: July Edition

June 2019


Spring has finally arrived here in New Brunswick, and I couldn’t be happier. The roses and lilacs blooming in our yard almost make up for what seemed like an extraordinarily long winter. But all wasn’t lost under that pile of snow.

My first novel in the Tangled Road Series; Finding Kate, will be available on Amazon by June 30th. Things heat up for Kate in Book One as her personal life takes an interesting twist and presents her with an opportunity she may not be able to refuse. Wait until you see what happens!

As I finish Novel One, Novel Two has been percolating away as to which way Kate’s life will turn—and gosh, will it be taking a turn. Watch for it by Christmas.

For those of you who have been patiently watching my website upgrades, thank you. I’m thrilled that I will be sharing the works of both new and seasoned authors under the Book of the Month section. Stay tuned, as there’s more to come on that one as I expand this website.

Have yourself a great day, and remember to subscribe to my page for more updates on my writing as well as the work of other authors.



December 2018

Hello All,

Where has the month gone? It just seems that I blinked and November had vanished and was replaced with December. Perhaps my hectic schedule has something to do with this feeling.

I am officially done the first draft of Chasing Dreams. I have completely fallen in love with these characters. If you have ever just wanted to pack up and leave town, then check out this new release next month.

Meg, the protagonist in the story, thinks she is prepared for the trip of a lifetime, but someone’s got other plans for this modern woman.

My books wouldn’t have my signature if it I didn’t add some suspense to the story. Be prepared, there is a bad person amongst the pages.  Stay tuned for more news about Chasing Dreams.

Well, folks, as I watch the lights twinkle on my front porch, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season. Health and happiness to you and yours.

Take Care,


November 2018

Hi Everyone,

I hope your fall was as lovely as it was here in New Brunswick. We had some unexpected storms which added a certain level of excitement to the season. In fact, there’s a forecast for another nor’easter tomorrow. Wish us luck!

I am pleased to share that my latest novel, Running Shadows hit the Amazon Best Seller’s list. I’m thrilled with all the wonderful reviews you have all taken the time to leave. Many thanks.

Today marks the two-thirds point in my next novel, Chasing Dreams. A story about a woman whose wish came true—but with a bit of a dark twist. The old saying, be careful what you wish for applies here.

The story will take you from a seaside city in Nova Scotia to the bustling excitement of Tehran and into the mysterious Zagros Mountains where things really heat up for Meg— the protagonist in Chasing Dreams. I aim to have this novel available for purchase, on Amazon, by the New Year.

In other news, I had a wonderful visit with my sons who surprised us with visits in November. Being all together as a family was so heartwarming and I think I’m still on the “Mom high” from being all together.

I hope each of you has had something enjoyable happen in your own lives.

See you next month!


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